Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

The education sector is seeing a drastic shift after the pandemic. Learners and educators are migrating towards online classes due to convenience, affordability, and round-the-clock service.

Software development companies in the education industry have played a vital role in this transformation. They have created innovative, user-friendly education apps that enhance students' learning capabilities. 

Schools, colleges, coaching institutes, business organizations, and even governments are using the best educational apps developed by e-learning app development companies to educate learners.

According to Technavio, the education apps market share is predicted to grow to $70.55 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 27.49%.

The above figure indicates an incredible market share, and business leaders must leverage this opportunity for a successful business. 

To reap the advantages, you will need a reputed  EdTech development company to create a unique tutor app.

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

This blog will discuss the top education app development company competent to build an EdTech app that meets the learners' interests.

Let's dive in.  

List of the top EdTech Development Companies in USA

1. SparxIT

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA
SparxIT is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. They have a team of 250+ specialist developers who offers digital transformative services utilizing the latest technologies.  

It follows an agile development approach to provide excellence in every service. It has undertaken more than 15500 since its inception. The  company offers diverse digital solutions with a combination of creativity, technology, and expertise. 

The enterprise presents EdTech development services such as mobile app development, website design & development, third-party integration, migration, maintenance & support. 

SparxIT also delivers end-to-end web and mobile app development for multiple domains such as Real Estate, eCommerce, FinTech, Wellness, Logistics, Travel, etc. 

The organization provides its services from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and popular brands to upgrade their business processes from ideation to execution. 

It also offers app development solutions by using emerging technologies.

Services Include:

- Augmented Reality

- Virtual Reality

- Artificial Intelligence

- Blockchain Development

- NFT Development

- IoT (Internet of Things)

- Machine Learning

2. AppsChopper

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

AppsChopper is a well-known mobile app design & development company based in New York. It offers a complete array of digital services to aid your business. 

They assist in boosting your online presence via mobile strategy consulting, mobile app marketing, app analytics integration, UI/UX design, app launch, and mobile app maintenance. The company has experienced mobile app developers to create your education app.  

It utilizes the latest technology to enhance efficiency and drive transformation. The agency serves organizations across diverse industries, from startups to well-established companies.

The app development agency also uses agile processes to provide a user-friendly and interactive EdTech app. It offers various services. 

Services Include:

Android app development

- iOS app development

- AR & VR

- Wearable Apps development

- Internet Of Things

- Blockchain Apps

- AI & ML Apps

- Digital Wallet Apps

- Chatbot Apps

3. Blue Label Labs

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

Blue Label Labs is another popular technology solution partner in the USA. They assist enterprises in building user-friendly, unique, and robust mobile apps. 

The company has the relevant experience and vast knowledge in compliance, protocols, and security to create top-notch solutions tailored to business requirements. 

Relying on the project lifecycle and clients' needs, they can immediately scale up. Their process includes various engagements and doctrines for every project, from initial research to final execution.

It has been a top software services provider for the past decade. It presents a wide range of digital services providing complex and refined solutions.

Services Include:

- Mobile App Development

- Internet of Things

- Website Development

- Web Design

- Software Development

- Healthcare Software Development

4. Anderson Inc.

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

Anderson Inc. deserves to be on the list of education app development companies. It is a digital product development agency that partners with enterprises to assist them in reaching their business objectives by utilizing the latest technologies.

It has skilled developers, business analysts, QA engineers, and other software development experts. The company provides services from discovery, designing, testing, and launching the app to different mobile stores and maintenance. 

They are experts in providing digital solutions that present their clients with accurate, verifiable business results. It has made mobile app solutions for different verticals like healthcare, finance, IT, etc.

Moreover, it makes the apps' wireframes, prototypes, and UI/UX. The company has built an array of mobile apps since its inception. It has developed mobile apps for startups, SMEs, and MNCs.  The firm provides offers multiple services.

Services Include:

- Mobile strategy

- Prototyping & concept development

- Android app development 

- iOS App development

- Wearable & smart device development

5. Rootstrap

Top 5 Education App Development Companies in the USA

Rootstrap is a renowned mobile app development firm. It creates mobile apps for startups, small-scale industries, and popular brands. 

The company uses UX conceptualization via UI design for the agile development procedure and post-launch support. 

Their team provides detailed information on every development phase to ensure user satisfaction. The firm has proficient developers who work with businesses to understand their vision, mission, and objectives. 

They deliver an array of digital solutions.

Services Include:

- Mobile app development

- Web app development

- Chatbots development 

- eCommerce development

- Machine learning

- Blockchain

- Staff augmentation

- Cryptocurrency


- The Bottom Line

Selecting the best mobile app developers in the USA is critical for your business. If not chosen correctly, it can take up your precious time and resources.  

To create the best education mobile app, you should hire app developers with extensive industry experience and exceptional portfolios. 

However, before deciding on your technology partner, it would be better to calculate other factors such as budget, location, platform, etc. 

If you wish to know more about developing an education app, the costs of development, and essential features, you can read a complete education app development guide for more clarity.

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